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Spring-Inspired Décor That Won’t Break the Bank

March 31, 2014

Father and Son Painting RoomSpring is the season for rejuvenation. For many of us, that means sizing up ways to refurbish our homes. Often, however, we have more dreams than dollars, and so the cushy new couch or fancy window treatments will have to wait yet another year.

But even if you can’t afford a look worthy of Better Homes and Gardens, you can still brighten your living space with some spring-themed décor that won’t drain your wallet. Here are a few:

Color your world in pastel and bright colors: For a fresh look, you needn’t replace whole rooms of furniture. Concentrate on accent pieces and color your palette to spring. Purchase some inexpensive throws or pillows in bright colors such as yellow, fuchsia, violet and lime green. Replace stained placemats and potholders with new ones in floral or botanical prints. Choose a pretty pastel for the sheets for your bed. You don’t have to shop at expensive boutiques or department stores for home goods. Check out consignment shops, eBay and dollar stores for bargains.

Do it yourself: Spring is a great time for indoor painting projects, pull out the brushes and rollers and throw open the windows. You can save big by doing the job yourself instead of hiring a contractor. If you’re not ready to tackle a whole room, consider repainting one wall in a shade that complements and contrasts with the rest of the room. Or, repaint an old or unfinished piece of wood furniture in sparkling white. To save money on paint, consider buying in bulk – you can sometimes get a five-gallon bucket for the price of four one-gallon cans. Check with your local recycling center, which may have still-useable (and free!) paint that’s been turned in by local businesses.

Lighten up the airways: To really bring the essence of spring to your home décor, look for opportunities to make your space open and airy. Take down heavy curtains or drapes and replace them with sheers for a look that’s in-line with spring. If you don’t have anything gossamer tucked away somewhere, look for online deals on curtains or seek bargains in a thrift shop. You may want to steer clear of specialty curtain shops unless you’re prepared to spend top dollar.

Say it with flower alternatives: You like decorating your home with flowers but can’t afford the high cost of fresh blooms. Take heart, there are other ways to play with floral themes. For example, scout out some inexpensive floral wallpaper from the bargain bin at your local paint store and use it to line the back sections of a bookcase or hutch. It’s an easy spring décor project you can do yourself, whether with peel-and-stick or pasted-on wallpaper, and a great way to add color to a room.

Create a re-imagined centerpiece: You may yearn for an elaborate floral centerpiece to dress up your dining table for a holiday or weekend brunch, but find the cost extravagant and prohibitive. Instead, consider repurposing items that you already have to create a new, spring-inspired masterpiece. For example, arrange candles of various heights on mirrored glass and surround them with silk flowers or decorative rocks, sticking with one color for the candles for a harmonious look. Also, you could fill a clear glass vase with bright yellow lemons or fill a pottery bowl with crisp green apples. For extra shine, polish the fruit with a little vegetable oil before displaying them center stage. Don’t forget to save a few more dollars by “recycling” the fruit for your recipes.

Working on spring décor projects of your own? Inspire others by sharing them in the “Comments” below.

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