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Publish Your Child’s Book with This Awesome App

March 6, 2015

Children Reading a Book TogetherWouldn’t it be great if your child could write a book of his or her own? Writing is a skill that definitely should be encouraged, and that has many benefits for children throughout their lifetime, including benefits not related to school.

However, isn’t it really expensive to publish a book? Fifteen or 20 years ago that might have been the case, but nowadays there are book-publishing apps for children that make it easy, inexpensive, and efficient. Learn more about two apps you may want to consider:

Scribble Press app: Started by two mothers, Scribble Press began as retail studios in New York City and Los Angeles where children could create their own books. As Scribble Press grew, the founders decided to go digital and launch an app for people who might be unable to get to one of their stores.

The app features more than 50 story templates and allows your child to write an original story if preferred, and has more than 500 drawing tools that your child can use to illustrate his or her story. The Scribble Press app also allows you to share your child’s book with friends and family through email, Twitter and Facebook.

Book Creator app: Book Creator is a self-publishing option that contains a few features that Scribble Press does not have. For example, Book Creator allows your child to incorporate video or music into their book. The best feature, however, may be that Book Creator allows you to export your child’s book as a PDF document, so that you can print it out via a printer app. With Book Creator, your child can actually see their book on a shelf!

Scribble Press and Book Creator aren’t the only book publishing apps for children. You might also try My Story, StoryBuddy 2, or EBook Maker.

No matter which app you might select, your child is sure to love creating his or her own book and seeing it published.

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