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Benefits of the Gerber Life College Plan

December 25, 2013

Young Woman Starting CollegeFamily budgets often can be stretched to the limit, so when planning for a child’s college education, parents may feel overwhelmed by the challenge.

Just because a college degree is expensive it doesn’t mean you can’t make college dreams a reality. The Gerber Life College Plan1 is a safe way to start your child on the path to that prized diploma – or diplomas, if you’re raising more than one child.

The College Plan offers security as you build your child’s college fund because it guarantees growth and never loses value. In addition, you won’t have the risk associated with investments such as stocks and bonds. There’s nothing like peace of mind, particularly when it comes to your child’s future.

Another feature of the Gerber Life College Plan – one that truly sets it apart – is the life insurance protection that you’ll have for yourself while you’re putting away money for your child’s college education (this is known as an adult life insurance endowment policy). That’s right. A college fund and adult life insurance protection. That gives you two checkmarks on your financial planning list!

Flexibility is another benefit of the plan – the money doesn’t have to be used for college. Sure, that’s what you’ve been building toward all along, but your child may decide later on not to pursue a college degree. Isn’t it great to know that your child will have the flexibility to use the money for a great trip, a new car, even a start-up business? In fact, your child will be able to use the funds for any purpose at all.

Setting up a Gerber Life College Plan is a breeze. You determine how much money you want to have available for college, from $10,000 to $150,000. And you select the amount of time you want for setting money aside, anywhere between 10 and 20 years. You’ll get to select an affordable monthly payment option for you, and you’re off and running.

Early enrollment is another aspect of the Gerber Life College Plan. You can begin a plan as soon as you welcome your new baby. Starting early to save for college can be a smart financial move, because the sooner you start, the less you’ll need to put aside each month to reach your goal.

Because a family’s financial circumstances can change over time, there may be a need to borrow money for unforeseen expenses. The College Plan can be a safe harbor in such times, since it builds cash value that can be borrowed against, as long as you have been paying your premiums.

Every Gerber Life College Plan is backed by the Gerber Life Insurance Company, which has been committed to helping families with their insurance needs for nearly 50 years. A name you can trust, and a flexible and secure way to invest in your child’s future. With these benefits, what parent (or grandparent) can afford not to start down the path to reach their child’s college dream?


1 Policy Form ICC09‐PIE

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