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Happy Father’s Day

June 4, 2013

Dad, Sons Celebrating Father's DayCelebrate dad with this Father’s Day quiz.

He’s always been there for you. He’s the guy who gave you life, held your hand, and then launched you on your own path. He’s your father.

The paternal bond is like no other, and that’s why we take time every third Sunday in June to celebrate fatherhood. On that day we’ll also show our appreciation for grandfathers, uncles and other surrogate “dads” who, by word and deed, have been our mentors.

Let’s take a look at some well-known fathers and sons and fathers and daughters, past and present.  Answer our Father’s Day trivia questions to test your knowledge about these famous fathers, and their unique legacies to their kids.

1. Dads and dynasties. Which of these fathers in U.S. politics had not one, but two, sons who served as governors:  a) George Romney, b) George H. W. Bush, c) Edmund Brown Sr., or d) Mario Cuomo?

2. Team Dad. The history of baseball has seen numerous father-son duos. One pair of players, both of them pitchers, had a combined 3,144 strikeouts, the most of any father-son combo in Major League Baseball. Is it the team of:  a) Mel Stottlemyre and Todd Stottlemyre, b) Bobby Bonds and Barry Bonds, c) Pedro Borbon and Pedro Borbon Jr., or d) Yogi Berra and Dale Berra?

3. Daddy’s girl. Which of these Oscar-winning actors is the father of a daughter who has also won an Oscar:  a) Robert Duvall, b) John Huston, c) Jon Voight, or d) John Barrymore?

4. Father and son heroes. Military service often runs in families. All but which one of these military dads of World War II had a son who distinguished himself on the battlefield:  a)General George Patton, b)Admiral John McCain, c)General Omar Bradley, or d)General Mark Clark?

5. Like father, like daughter. Which of these champion boxers has had a daughter distinguish herself in the ring:  a) Archie Moore, b) Muhammad Ali, c) George Foreman, or d) Joe Frazier?


1. b) George H.W. Bush, the 41st U.S. president, whose son George W. Bush served as governor of Texas (and 43rd President of the United States), and Jeb Bush, who served as governor of Florida.

2. a) Mel and Todd Stottlemyre. The father and son hurlers together won 302 major league games during their careers.

3. c) Jon Voight. Jon’s daughter, Angelina Jolie, won the 1999 Best Supporting Actress award for her role in “Girl, Interrupted.”  Jon won the Best Actor award for the 1978 film, “Coming Home.”

4. c) General Omar Bradley. The others had sons who served in the military during the wars in Korea and Vietnam.
5. a,b,c and d are all correct. Women boxers who have followed in their famous dads’ footsteps include J’Marie Moore, Laila Ali, Freeda Foreman and Jacqui Frazier.

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