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Five Affordable Mother’s Day Gifts

April 29, 2014

girl-doing-laundryYou don’t have to break the bank on Mother’s Day to make mom happy. Often times, it’s the sentiment – not the price tag – that matters most. And with a little creativity, time and effort, you can put something together that will make mom feel just as special as she is to your family.

Here are five affordable Mother’s Day gifts that will bring joy to her heart – and a smile to her face:

1. Make a personalized gift basket: Buy some of mom’s favorite things to put into a homemade gift basket that you’ll dress-up with pastel cellophane and a pretty bow. Coffees, teas or cocoa, along with a cute mug or dessert plate, can make winning combinations. You could also build baskets around bath items, hair products, kitchen gadgets, bath or kitchen linens, even a mix of magazines and small books. No need to buy an overpriced gift basket at a retail store. Mom will much prefer your personalized version. You’ll be able to find baskets, cellophane, ribbons and bows at a dollar store or an inexpensive craft store.

2. Focus on mom’s favorite color: Consider giving mom an assortment of inexpensive gifts in her favorite color. For example, if she loves yellow, you can give her a bouquet of daffodils and lemon-poppy-seed bread and a bright-yellow scarf. If your mom likes red you could give her a single red rose, gourmet raspberry jam and a strawberry-scented candle. Let your budget decide the number of items and price point for each gift. Another money-saving tip for Mother’s Day: Before going out and buying new gift bags or tissue paper, check your supplies closet. You may already have a gift bag or tissue paper that can be recycled.

3. Take a family photo: Surprise mom with a group photo portrait to treasure. To keep the gift within budget, skip the professional photographer and take a candid family photo with your personal camera or smartphone. Print your photo in an appropriate size and then place it in a pretty frame to present to mom on Mother’s Day. If mom has a computer, give her a collection of family photos that you’ve taken over the years with your smartphone. Also, consider downloading a free, photo-related app such as PicCollage, Photo Grid or InstaCollage Pro to create photo collages that you can email to mom on Mother’s Day. Photos can be a great gift, especially if mom doesn’t live nearby.

little-girl-gardening4. Plant flowers in mom’s garden: If you don’t have the greenbacks to buy mom a dozen red roses, perhaps you have a green thumb – or at least a willing spirit. Head to a local discount garden center to buy some flowering plants. You could pot colorful geraniums or pansies in a patio container, or plant a small rose bush in her garden. Either way, your efforts will be rewarded with mom’s unbridled delight.

5. Be a chore-helper for a day or a week: Most moms would be thrilled if a family member volunteered to do a week’s worth of dishes, laundry or other household chore. What about grocery shopping, vacuuming, cleaning out the basement, or washing mom’s car? What greater gift than giving of yourself and your time?

What other affordable Mother’s Day gifts would you add to our list? Share your ideas by leaving a “Comment” below.

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