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Home Organizing Tips to Clean Out the Clutter

September 17, 2013

Home Organization IdeasEver feel like clutter is going to take over one day? From stacks of mail on the counter to many pairs of kids’ shoes strewn across the floor to piles of laundry waiting to be folded, running a home involves lots of moving parts and never quite enough time to put them all away.

Whether you live in a small space or large space, you can get your home and your life organized with these simple tips:

Divide Drawers

Throwing every miscellaneous item into drawers may save a few moments at first, but you’ll end up wasting time later when you’re searching through the jumbled mess. Keep drawers neat and orderly by installing dividers.

Dividers can be as simple as plastic or cardboard boxes or trays, or as fancy as custom-sized wooden boxes. Take it a step further by labeling each section. Either way, dividing your kitchen, office and bathroom drawers – as well as those in your nightstand and dresser – will make it easy to find the things you need, when you need them.

Cupboards in Crisis

If you’ve arranged and rearranged the contents of your cupboards, but keep coming up short on space, turn your kitchenware into an art display instead. Simply paint an “unusable” kitchen wall with chalkboard paint. It’s sold at most paint stores and creates a stylish, black backdrop on which you can write and erase.

Then, install shelves on the painted wall. White shelving will create a sleek contrast against the black backdrop. Stack your prettiest stoneware, mugs, wine and drinking glasses, and any other attractive pieces on the shelves, to free up valuable real estate inside your kitchen cabinets.

This tip also works in bathrooms. Simply stack neatly folded towels and washcloths on open shelves and store extra soap, cotton balls and toiletries in small baskets alongside.

The Go-To Tub

When trying to get out of the house for fun with the family, it seems like something always goes missing at the last minute. Whether it’s sunscreen, hats or bug spray, don’t waste time searching.

Instead, stick a large, galvanized metal tub or pretty woven basket next to the door. Stick several tote bags inside, each containing the things you’ll need for different activities. Day at the beach? Hats, glasses and sunscreen at your fingertips. Grocery shopping? Reusable shopping bags and coupons await. Fun in the snow? Gloves, scarves and hats all ready to go. You get the idea! Change your go-to tub contents with the seasons and you’ll never forget anything again.

Keeping a home organized can be a challenge, but with a bit of planning and the right tools, you can clear the clutter.

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