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Making Chores Less of a Bore

September 17, 2014

father and daughter washing dishes togetherMotivating children to help around the house is not always easy. What if you could motivate your children to undertake household projects more enthusiastically?

Here are five ways:

  1. Create a sense of responsibility. If your child feels ‘in charge’ of a task, he or she will be more likely to complete it.
  2. Involve the entire family. Making housework a family activity where everyone contributes, spreads the workload and teaches children to work with others toward a common goal.
  3. Let your kids choose. Make a list of available projects and needs, and then draw straws to see which family member gets to choose first. This enables your children to participate in the planning, suggest new projects, and select which household projects they’d like to do most.
  4. Lead by example. Don’t simply assign projects and expect your children to know how to complete them. Instead, teach your children how to complete each task properly and nicely, and show them the tasks that you have completed in this fashion. Such one-on-one lessons give your child the skills needed to finish future chores singlehandedly.
  5. Create a sense of pride in a job well done. Acknowledge the completion of each chore and give your children positive reinforcement for a job well done or a good first attempt. So that family members remember who does what, make a chart that allows them to see completed chores. Make it a game to accumulate points. Motivation is the best way to encourage participation, and encouraging children to be thoughtful and creative when pitching in around the house can do wonders. Start asking your children to do chores at a young age so that the responsibility becomes an expected part of daily life.

Children who have household projects to do will learn responsibility and the benefit of being responsible, which will be so important as they mature into adulthood.

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