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Outsmart Spring Allergies: Tips to help keep symptoms under control

March 23, 2012

Control Spring AllergiesSpring is a time for warmer weather, outdoor family fun and fl…fl…fl…[ah-CHOO!] flowers to bloom. It’s also a time to nip pesky allergies in the bud.

Getting your family through allergy season requires a watchful eye and staying in control. Here are some tips for how to stop allergy symptoms in your home:

Turn your home into an allergy-free castle – Curtains, carpets, upholstery, bedspreads, pillows, mattresses and soft toys are magnets for allergy-triggering dust mites. Frequent vacuuming and regular washing can help reduce dust. So can covering mattresses and pillows with zippered allergy covers. Keep an eye on local weather reports, too. When pollen or mold counts are high, keep windows and doors shut. Mold can hide on houseplants and show up on shower curtains, so check the plants and wash the curtains often. A dehumidifier can help lower moisture levels in your home and control mold, but remember to change the filters often.

Make a clean sweep – Regular cleaning is a helpful allergy remedy, but avoid sweeping if you can because it can send allergens airborne. Try a damp mop instead. If you’re in the market for a new vacuum, choose one with a HEPA filter to trap allergens. HEPA filters in central heating and air conditioning ducts can help keep allergies at bay, but they need to be changed regularly.

Leave allergies at the door – Keep outdoor clothing and shoes out of the bedrooms. Wash them as soon as possible to avoid tracking in pollen and other allergy-stirring particles. If you’ve spent time outside, it’s also a good idea to bathe and wash your hair as soon as you can. By doing so before you go to bed, you can help prevent pollen and other allergens from spending the night in your home.

Protect your peepers – Sunglasses for you and your children can protect eyes on windy days from blowing pollen and stop allergens from getting to your eyes. Not only will the shades give your family a superstar look, but they also can help keep your eyes bright instead of bleary.

Aim for pollen-free pets – Bathe and brush pets regularly to keep dander at bay. Or, have someone else do it for you if your allergies are really bad. Give pets their own special place to hang out, and keep them out of the bedrooms and off of upholstered furniture. Wipe their feet and fur before letting them indoors, to prevent allergens from being carried indoors on their paws and coats.

Keep at it – Keeping allergies under control takes some effort, but living with less sneezing, itching and stuffiness is well worth it. If your or your child’s allergies don’t seem to be controlled by avoiding triggers or by using over-the-counter medicines, it could be time to talk with your doctor or pediatrician.



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