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How Quitting Your Bottled Water Habit Could Save the Earth

May 25, 2012

Woman Throwing Away Plastic Water BottleEven people who recycle daily, ride the bus to work, and use only environmentally friendly products can do more to further their efforts at sustainable living. Are you constantly on the lookout for more eco-friendly practices that can help make the world a better place to live? Here’s a living green tip you might not have thought of before: install a water filtration system in your home.

This may sound more like a money saving move than an eco-friendly contribution, but if you’re a die-hard bottled water drinker, moving from bottled water to a water filtration system can make a pretty significant environmental impact.

  • Plastic water bottles take forever to biodegrade. Actually, the current estimated figure for how long a plastic water bottle will sit before it eventually biodegrades is 500 years. That’s not to say that you’re the type of person to toss your used water bottles into the nearest trash bin, but even if you recycle daily, giving your business to the bottled water industry is about as bad as not recycling
  • Consider how much fossil fuel is burned as a result of the big business of bottling and importing water. Not only do we have to worry about where all those plastic bottles will eventually end up, we’ve also got to consider the fact that in order to deliver all that water, it takes an awful lot of fuel. First there’s jet fuel for the cargo planes that deliver bottled water from faraway lands, and then there’s the diesel that the trucks use when they deliver the water to its final destination on your local grocery store shelves. Granted, a few less bottles per week as the result of you bottling your own water won’t make that big of an impact – but imagine if the entire world did the same. How much closer to sustainable living would we all be?
  • Think bottled water is better for you? Think again. When you consider the fact that there are more regulations imposed on the water that’s delivered to your home via municipal pipe systems than there are on the bottled water companies that import water from other countries, it gives you cause to pause.

Ever dreamed of saving the earth? It’s well within your power to do so, as long as you stick to the principles that matter most to you and are willing to make small adjustments to your everyday life. Bottled water is a luxury that many of us take for granted, but it’s also a potential liability where the goal of sustainable living and eco-friendly habits are concerned. If you want to make a significant impact, quitting your bottled water habit might just be the way to do that.



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