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Social Media Impacting Life Insurance Awareness

May 23, 2012

Young Couple Searching the InternetThe increasing number of life insurance companies that are making themselves known to potential customers through social media channels is speaking volumes about the creativity and adaptability of the industry. But what’s even more telling is the far higher number of shoppers showing interest when given the chance to price out a life insurance company via social media, as opposed to contacting them directly or via their websites.

The fact that potential life insurance customers feel more comfortable visiting a life insurance company’s website when directed through a familiar channel like Facebook shouldn’t come as a surprise. Ultimately, presentation and atmosphere are everything – and being directed to a life insurance provider via a frequently used gateway versus appears to make the bottom-line contemplation of mortality a little easier to swallow.

The fact that some 40 percent of adults in the United States have no life insurance at all points to a huge gap that insurers hope social media outlets like Facebook and Twitter can help bridge. After all, it’s much easier for people to see the benefits of life insurance coverage if 42 of their friends “Like” a particular life insurance company. This isn’t what you call peer pressure, though. It’s what you call positive endorsement.

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