1. Sitting or Standing At Work: Which is Better?

    The rise of computer-centric office work has produced a routine of too much sitting and not enough movement and physical activity throughout the day. To promote better health, the American Medical Association announced a 2013 policy change to encourage employers to provide options for employees so that they can avoid sustained sitting.

    Should you work sitting or standing for better health? You decide. Here are some facts:

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  2. Quick Workouts Under 30 Minutes

    Mom Working Out at Home

    Too busy to spend much time exercising? Not to worry. The Department of Health and Human Services advises that just 30 minutes of exercise per day can have a positive impact on your health.

    Here’s a quick list of some of the best 30-minute exercise routines:

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  3. Four Tips to Avert Allergies This Holiday Season

    Evergreen TreeWinter holiday celebrations worldwide overflow with taste-tantalizing delicacies and multi-course meals. They also mean the arrival of guests bringing not only good cheer, but also side dishes, pets and bouquets of flowers. Add a live Christmas tree to the festivities and you have the right ingredients for a perfect allergy storm.

    So, what’s a host or hostess to do? The answer is to ask guests ahead of time if they have any known food, pet and airborne allergies and to share that information to help minimize the risks to all guests.

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  4. Preparing for the Flu Season

    mother taking care of child with fluFootball games, colder temperatures and the start of the holiday season are all exciting parts of Fall. In addition, Fall also marks the start of the flu season. Are you prepared?

    Historically, outbreaks of influenza can begin as early as October and peak flu activity occurs during February according to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC). To help safeguard your family against this viral disease, and so that they can fully enjoy the activities that these fun months have to offer, take the following preventive measures to reduce your chances of catching the flu:

  5. 6 Tips for Family Health & Fitness

    family exercising on bikes together laughingExercise is one of the best things for making your mind and body live longer and feel better. You can create lasting family memories by involving your children in this important part of life and by making family workouts a priority.