1. Is It Safe to Co-sleep with Your Baby?

    Mom & Baby Co-sleeping New parents often find themselves losing sleep over late-night wake-up calls, whether to feed a hungry baby or lull one back to sleep. It follows that moms and dads may turn to co-sleeping with their baby to make nighttime feedings easier or to help a nursing mother and her baby get on the same sleep cycle.


    Is co-sleeping with your baby safe? Evidence-based research and experts say no.


    Co-sleeping puts babies at risk of suffocation and strangulation, according to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission. Although research is ongoing to determine if there’s a connection between co-sleeping and Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS), it has been shown that co-sleeping increases the likelihood of accidental death.


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  2. Preparing for the First Ride Home with a New Baby

    Crying Newborn in Car SeatWhen you’re a new parent, it’s common to feel overwhelmed and unsure of what to do before and after the baby is born, since you will not find user instructions or an owner’s manual. Your nurses will be helpful, as well as friends and family, but people sometimes forget what it’s actually like to be a new parent and so may take for granted much-needed advice.


    Because you have many things on your mind when you’re trying to buckle-in baby for the first ride home, it’s wise to handle major preparations in advance. Here are some key points to remember:


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  3. Some of the Best Pets for Kids

    Young Girl & PetPets can help teach your child responsibility and love.

    Pets and kids often go together swimmingly like, well, a fish in water. Not only are pets a great way for children to learn how to be responsible, kind and gentle, but they also can offer children physical and emotional benefits. According to the Centers for Disease Control, pets help lower blood pressure, cholesterol levels and feelings of loneliness. Pets that need to be walked regularly provide exercise.

    When choosing your child’s first pet, consider the following options:

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  4. 30 Ways to Keep Babies Safe

    Life is full of wonderful adventures, and your family will, no doubt, experience quite a few of them. Ensure your children stay safe through the hiking, biking, road trip, vacation, and at-home moments by following these helpful baby safety tips from Gerber Life.


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  5. Car Seat Safety Checklist

    A happy baby in a safe car seatGuidelines for safe car seats for children continue to change in the footsteps of new studies and technology. The latest recommendations and laws are based on what works and what doesn’t.

    According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), many people who believe that they have the correct car seat for their child actually don’t. In addition, three out of four children in child safety seats aren’t properly secured or aren’t restrained at all because the seats have not been properly installed, notes the NHTSA.

    Your child also may be at risk if your car seat is outdated or is a hand-me-down because the seat may be damaged, recalled, or missing important parts.

    To help ensure that your child travels safely in a car, refer to the car-seat safety checklist below, based on recommendations from the NHTSA.

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