1. A Parent’s Guide to After-School Jobs

    Teen girl working in coffee shopFor many teenagers, having a job is both a rite of passage and their first venture into the “real world.” What do parents need to know about after-school jobs for teens?

    The U.S. Department of Labor website, Youth Rules!, has a great many resources for teens who are either looking for a job or are currently employed.

    Does your teen want to get a job? Here are some guidelines:

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  2. QUIZ: What kind of career is best-suited for your child’s personality?

    career quiz for kids“What do you want to be when you grow up?”

    It’s a question that our kids are often asked. For many children, the answer changes just as often, and rightfully so. The world is full of possibilities, so it’s natural for kids to explore options. Even many adults still don’t know what they want to be, either.

    Perhaps you took a career aptitude test at some point in your life to steer you in the right direction. Such tests often ask questions about the respondent’s personality, and then provide a list of occupations that the test-makers believe would be a good fit.

    Our career quiz for kids uses that concept in a fun and simplified way to help identify some areas that may suit your child’s talents, skills and inclinations. Our quiz should be viewed only as a guide, and not as comprehensive, definitive or scientific. For example, some children may exhibit abilities in overlapping areas.

    What might your child be when he or she grows up?

    Take our quiz below to get a sense of where your child may excel in the future, based on his or her personality today:

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  3. Three Steps for Finding Suitable Child Daycare

    Teacher coloring with studentsAfter the birth of a child, parents sometimes struggle with going back to work and the need to find child daycare, regardless of how many other children they have or how old the children are. For first-time parents, finding and accepting the need for child daycare can seem daunting.

    Knowing that your child is being well taken care of in daycare can help to make the transition easier. Need help finding child care? We’ve broken down the process into the following three steps:

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  4. 4 Ways for Stay-at-Home Parents to Make Money Without Leaving Home

    Father working from home with sleeping infantStay-at-home parenthood can be rewarding: You get to spend every day with your children without struggling to achieve an elusive home-life balance, and chances are that you’ll be front-row and center for every school function, dance recital and T-ball practice.

    Although the life of a stay-at-home parent can certainly be gratifying, it also can lack the monetary reward of a traditional 9-to-5 job on which many families rely.

    If you’re a stay-at-home parent, consider these four ways to earn money and contribute to household income without ever stepping outside of your front door:

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  5. Finding Work-Life Balance as a Single Parent

    Mother and daughter talking on cell phonesFor a single parent, it can seem as if work never ends. Not only do you play the role of breadwinner and sole provider, but you also play the role of caretaker and homemaker. Without a partner on board to share some of the responsibility, anything that even remotely resembles a work-life balance can seem, well, laughable.

    It’s not uncommon for single parents who work outside of the home to feel guilty for having to spend time away from their children. They will often attempt to offset feelings of guilt by spending every non-working spare or “free” moment with their children.

    It may not be easy, but it is possible – and necessary – to juggle everyone’s schedules and yet manage to find some time for yourself.

    Here are five tips to help single parents find work-life balance:

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