1. Transitioning Back to Your Day Job After Maternity Leave

    Mom and Baby BoyReturning to work after maternity leave can be difficult and filled with mixed emotions, even for the most organized of moms. Finding a good caregiver, adjusting to your previous work schedule, and getting yourself and baby ready each morning are just some of the challenges that many new moms face. With a little planning, you can be back on top of your game in no time. Below are a few tips to help make your transition back to work seamless, for both you and your newborn.

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  2. Four Strategies to Help Balance Your Work Life, Home Life & Inner Calm

    Mom Working on Laptop in Living RoomWorking parents today tend to feel a need to do it all: chauffeur the kids to school, work eight or more hours a day, pick up the kids from school, help them with homework, and then burn the midnight oil to complete a work project. Who has time to catch one’s breath, let alone catch some sleep? How can a new parent keep everything under control without pushing over the limit?


    Here are four ways for achieving a healthy work-life and home-life balance:

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  3. Money-Saving Lunch Ideas

    0905-save-money-on-lunchSaving money is probably on the top of really everybody’s list of priorities, but it’s easier said than done. What with all the television and radio ads, banners on websites and roadside billboards seen on your way to work, it often seems as if we can’t go for more than ten minutes without being pressured into spending hard-earned money.

    Whether you’re saving for something big such as a house or your child’s education, or just looking to have extra dollars in your pocket, you can get a head start with the following helpful ideas for saving lunchtime money.

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  4. Six Ways That Parenting Skills Can Help You Find the Right Job

    Mom Multi-tasking at Home

    As a parent, you’ve played the role of teacher, negotiator, chef, manager, activities director, fashion consultant, and chauffeur to your children. For example: If your child has a screaming fit at the grocery store over not getting the candy desired, you negotiate with your child to avoid a public display; if your child wants to wear a tutu and cowboy hat to kindergarten, you help your child to select clothing that will be more functional for the day ahead.

    The variety of roles that you play help to make you the great parent that you are, but they also can help to make you valuable to employers. So if you’re a stay-at-home mom or dad looking to enter or re-enter in the workforce soon, don’t fret. You may have more going for you than you realize.

    Here are six typical traits that parents acquire, and that you can leverage in your job search: 

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