PIPEDA-Canada Privacy Policy (detailed notice)

This privacy policy is applicable only to Gerber Life’s operations in Canada. It further only applies to our offline operations in Canada, and not to our Canadian website. For our privacy policy covering our websites (including, please click here.

This notice is meant to address our obligations under Canada’s Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (“PIPEDA”).

What We Do with Personal Information

As a provider of quality life insurance products to Canadian families, Gerber Life Insurance Company (“Gerber Life”) collects, uses and, in some instances, discloses personal information about customers and potential customers. The privacy and protection of this personal information is important to Gerber Life, its affiliates, subsidiaries, reinsurers and authorized administrators (herein “we” or “us”).

1. Personal Information

We treat information that identifies an individual as personal information. This includes basic information such as a name and address, and it includes more sensitive information like health and financial information. Gerber Life obtains appropriate consent to the collection, use and disclosure of personal information.

2. Collection of Personal Information

We identify the purpose for which personal information is collected. We do this at or before the time we collect personal information. We only collect that personal information which is necessary and also consistent with the stated purpose. If it is practical and appropriate, we collect information directly from the individual concerned. In some instances and as is common in insurance, we also verify and obtain information from independent sources and organizations.

We typically collect, use and exchange personal information for insurance purposes when an individual is applying for insurance. We do this so that we can assess risk, process the application for coverage and, if it is approved by our underwriters, provide and service any policy issued. We also collect, use and exchange personal information to determine the status of coverage, to investigate claims and to combat fraud.

We consult our existing files for these insurance purposes, as well.

Subject to legal and contractual restrictions, an individual may decline or revoke his or her consent to the collection, use or disclosure of his or her personal information. However, if we need to collect, use or disclose that personal information in order to provide or administer our products or services, we may also decline or cease to provide those insurance products or services to that individual.

3. Use of Personal Information

Gerber Life’s use of personal information is consistent with the consent provided by the individual to whom the information relates, this privacy policy, our contractual rights and obligations and the law.

Sometimes Gerber Life may use personal information for the purpose of offering new, upgraded or additional products or services.

Gerber Life may also make offers to individuals whose names and addresses appear on lists obtained from other organizations. Gerber Life relies on those other organizations to obtain proper consent to the use and disclosure of personal information for this purpose.

We provide individuals with an easy and inexpensive method of declining to receive offers from Gerber Life. Individuals can tell us their preferences by writing to us or by calling us toll free (see Section 9). If such a request is received by us, we will use our best efforts to honour that request and to not use that individual’s personal information to make offers of new, upgraded or additional products and services.

4. Retention and Accuracy of Personal Information

We do our best to ensure that the personal information we hold and use is accurate. We rely on the individuals we do business with to disclose to us all relevant information and to inform us of any changes.

Personal information is kept only for so long as is required, in accordance with our records retention policy and legal and regulatory requirements. If personal information is no longer required, we destroy it or render it anonymous. Given the long term nature of life insurance and our on-going exposure to potential claims, some of the information may be kept indefinitely.

5. Protection of Personal Information

We typically receive personal information from an individual when they apply for one of Gerber Life’s insurance products or services. We create a file for the purpose of making a decision about the application for insurance and, if the application is approved, for the purpose of administering the insurance and any claims that may arise. We keep this file in our offices or in those of Gerber Life’s authorized administrators.

We take precautions to secure personal information in our offices and on our systems in accordance with standards in the insurance industry or as is appropriate given the sensitivity of the personal information.

6. Disclosure of Personal Information

Gerber Life typically exchanges personal information with other insurance companies, reinsurers and insurance industry organizations when assessing an application for insurance or any extension or variation of any issued policy, when determining the status of coverage and, in the event of a claim, to investigate. We also share information to combat fraud; where permitted or required by law; or at the request of government regulators.

We do not share or sell our customer list to other organizations for marketing purposes.

7. Sharing Your Personal Information with Affiliates, Reinsurers and Administrators

From time to time Gerber Life may enter into a contract with an affiliated company, an independent administrator or a reinsurer to provide certain services in support of Gerber Life’s products and services. Accordingly, affiliates or administrators may be given personal information, but only to the extent that it is necessary in the performance of those services. Such services may include reinsurance, underwriting, marketing, consulting, administrative, claims or investigation services. Gerber Life obligates these affiliates and administrators to use and take steps to protect personal information in accordance with the requirements of this privacy policy and the law.

8. Access to Personal Information

Gerber Life will, in accordance with applicable privacy law and upon proof of entitlement and the presentation of proper identification, permit an individual access to the personal information we hold about him or her. An individual may request access to or, if applicable, a correction of the personal information we have in our possession.

The right to access is not absolute. For example, if information is subject to a legal privilege, Gerber Life does not have to permit access.

Because medical information can sometimes be sensitive, we provide permitted access to medical information through the individual’s health care professional.

We may charge a reasonable fee in advance for copying and sending the information requested.

9. Contacting Us About Privacy

If an individual does not wish us to use his or her personal information to offer him or her new, upgraded or additional products and services, the individual may call us toll-free or write to our Privacy Office at the phone number or address set out below. We will then take note of the individual’s preferences and cease, within a reasonable time period, to use their personal information for marketing purposes.

Questions with respect to the privacy of personal information or requests to access or correct personal information may also be directed to:

Privacy Office
Gerber Life Insurance Company
P.O. Box 986, Station F
50 Charles Street, East
Toronto, ON M4Y 2T2

Toll free: 800-518-8884

This privacy policy may be amended from time to time.