The Grow-Up® Plan

It's so easy to complete our Grow-Up® application!

A "gift" of whole life insurance coverage that automatically doubles during age 18 at no extra cost.

  • Issue ages: 14 days old to 14 years
  • Up to two health questions maximum based
    on the child's age
  • Simplified application process
  • Quick Underwriting
  • As long as the application is complete, a
    policy is generally issued within 3 days on average!
  • Ability to purchase a policy through a single advanced payment via The "Advance
    Payment" Grow-Up® Plan.*

*The original policy owner chooses the age that premiums will be paid to (the minimum is 5 years of premiums and the maximum is to age 121). If the payment covers premiums until the child is 121, the child will not have to make premium payments. However, if the policy is not paid to 121, the child will be responsible for future payments after the "Pay to Age" selected. The "Advance Payment" goes into a separate, non-interest bearing account, to be used to pay the annual premium on the coverage purchased up until the age selected, when such is fully used.

Product Downloads:
The Grow-Up® Plan
Advance Pay

Consumer Brochure Includes sample rates!