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There's Something in the Air Tonight  
Help your kids make a wind chime to bring a relaxing sound to your yard.


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There's Something in the Air Tonight
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FunAs we begin to anticipate the warmer evenings that will soon accompany our return to summer, there is one sound that totally captures the feeling of a perfect summer evening. Simply close your eyes and imagine the gentle, melodic "ting, ting, ting" of a wind chime rustled awake by a warm evening breeze. The soothing notes add just the right touch to a relaxing evening with your family in the backyard.

Wind chimes come in all shapes, sizes, and designs—some featuring chime tubes reminiscent of church organ pipes. However, a simple wind chime made with or by your children may provide the sweetest sounds in and around your home this season. A wind chime is an easy project that can be made with relatively few supplies yet provides a great deal of options for expressing creativity for a young mind.

What You'll Need:

  • A tree branch (roughly 8 inches long and inch in diameter)
  • Fishing line
  • Safety scissors
  • Eight or ten metal objects such as old keys, stray utensils (forks and spoons), etc.
  • A small plastic lid (roughly 2-3 inches in diameter)
  • Hole punch
  • Screw eye hook

Begin by preparing the branch so the wind chime can be hung when finished. Cut a length of fishing line to measure approximately 16 inches. Wrap one end of the fishing line around one end of the branch and tie it off with a knot. Do the same thing on the other end of the branch. When the line is picked up from the middle, the branch should hang relatively straight. Trim any stray ends of fishing line for a cleaner appearance.

FunNext prepare the chosen metal objects that will hang from the branch and be responsible for the sounds of the wind chime. Items such as keys have a hole in their top that makes them very easy to string and hang. For other items, such as a utensil, an adult's services may be necessary to help attach the fishing line. Use a hot glue gun to attach the end of a length of fishing line to the utensil handle. You can use longer lengths of fishing line for simplicity, tie them at the lengths you desire along the branch, and then cut off any excess length beyond the knot for a more finished appearance.

With an adult's assistance, punch a hole in the top of the plastic lid (roughly 1/2 inch from the edge). String a length of fishing line through the hole and tie it in a knot to secure it to the lid. Locate the middle of the branch and tie the line attached to the plastic lid. This will be a "clapper" which will be easily moved by a breeze. The clapper will help provide movement to make the metal objects strike each other producing your wind chime's sound. If desired, the lid can be painted with craft paint to add a little bit more personality to the wind chime. If you find a larger lid, your child may want to cut the lid into an interesting shape (a star, fish, or tree) to add some individuality to the project. Just make sure the clapper remains large enough to touch the chimes when it moves.

Now you can position the stringed items at different locations along the branch. Position the items at various lengths and levels to provide an interesting look but make certain that the chimes are close enough to each other that they will swing and touch neighboring chimes in a breeze.

Hold the completed wind chime up and test it to see if the chimes are close enough along the length of the branch to produce a nice chiming sound. If you are satisfied with the sounds and appearance, take the chime outdoors and hang it from a tree limb, awning, or ceiling using a screw eye hook. Then just sit back and listen as Mother Nature provides the breeze and your child's wind chime fills the air with a soothing tune!

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