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Five Creative Ways to Earn Extra Money  
Working at Home, Close to Home, or in Your Spare Time


1. Participate in focus groups

It's a great way to earn extra money, whether you want to work from your home or can physically go to a focus group in your area. Both and list opportunities online and in your region. Pay rates vary, but you can often make $100 or more if selected to participate.


2. Sell things you no longer use

Whether selling items through consignment shops or online through or other websites, it's a great way to earn extra money and clean out your home at the same time.

3. Do freelance work

From data entry to writing, marketing, graphic design, bookkeeping, accounting and engineering jobs, possibilities for work-at-home opportunities are wide-ranging. Through such sites as, and, you can bid for freelance, contract, consulting, temp-to-hire, and part-time opportunities in your field. Frequently, your home can be your workplace.

4. Make use of an extra room

Have a spare room in your home, or perhaps a basement that you rarely use? Consider renting it to a college student so that you'll receive a steady stream of monthly income. Or, you might be able to turn your garage into a studio that an artist could lease, or a meeting space that could be rented to teach classes or workshops. First, however, be sure to check with your Town Hall or a realtor for zoning and rental regulations that might apply to your neighborhood.

5. Allow ads on your website or blog

Have a website or blog? Why not generate some extra income by allowing others to advertise on it? Google's AdSense program ( makes it easy: You let Google put ads on your site, and you get money each time a user clicks on an ad. If your site generates a steady stream of traffic, you could make a few hundred dollars a month. It's like having a part-time job at home, but without much work.

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