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Little Shutterbugs
 Introduce your kids to photography

April 2003 Issue

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Little Shutterbugs
Introducing Kids
to Photography

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A picture is still worth a thousand words and what better image than one captured by your own aspiring Ansel Adams or Annie Liebowitz! Photography is a wonderful hobby that can turn into a lifelong passion. Kids love to feel like adults and having a camera of his or her own is one of those early responsibilities that can help shape good habits (cleaning, maintenance, even keeping track of the camera and not losing it) for the future.

Disposable cameras are a great way to introduce your kids to photography. They are available in most stores and are usually around $5.00. Simple, no frills digital cameras can be found for under $50. With digital cameras, there is no need to worry about processing fees or the expense of wasted prints – you choose to print those you like and erase the rest. If you do want prints from a digital camera, many photo-finishing services are now able to generate prints from digital files. Most photo finishing services can also "burn" your images from the "memory stick" storage device in the camera to a CD, freeing up your space and preserving the photos for years to come.

Also, start your child off on the right foot – teach them the wonderful habit of labeling the back of photographs with important information (date, subject, location) for future reference. Then, add the images to a photo album or, take advantage of the latest trend and scrapbook them for an even more elaborate presentation
Let your kids see your pride in the photographs they capture. Buy inexpensive frames and let your kids decorate them with craft paints and other objects available at craft stores. Then add your child’s latest creation as the crowning touch. What better gift for a grandparent, aunt or uncle than something from the creative mind and heart of your child.

All in all, photography is a hobby that can bring the entire family together – each person helping create and preserve memories for the future.

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