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Growing Up with an Advantage

October 2000 Issue

Growing Up with An Advantage

Keep Your Campers Happy
The first trip to overnight
summer camp

Good Things Grow in Small Spaces
Introducing youngsters
to the pleasures of

Parents Corner
Whatcha doin', Dad?

Did You Know?

School's Out!
A few tips' to keep your
kids out of the
emergency room

Set a good example
for your grandchildren

Mail Bag

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There is an axiom of life in America that the members of each generation want their children to be better off than they were. With Gerber Life's GROW-UP® Plan, grandparents and parents are offered the opportunity to help protect their youngsters' futures.

The GROW-UP Plan is whole life insurance designed for healthy children between the ages of 14 days through 12 years. This simple, budget-minded plan lets you start your child out now with a whole life policy ranging from $5,000 to $35,000--and lock in the lowest possible premium.

The cash value of the GROW-UP Plan begins to accumulate after the first year. At the end of the 20th year, the cash value will equal 100% of the paid premiums. According to, the strongest argument for a whole life policy is that the cash value accumulates tax-free.

The GROW-UP Plan offers even more. The policy's benefit automatically doubles on the policy anniversary after the child’s 21st birthday, with NO INCREASE IN PREMIUMS because the rate is locked in from the very start. Furthermore, your child can purchase additional coverage at age 21 and again at age 28 at standard rates, regardless of health, job, military status, or anything else.

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