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It's summertime, and a young Dad's fancy often turns toward building things, maybe a backyard barbeque, a swing-set, or deck. The next time you head for the nearest "big-box" home improvement center for materials and supplies, take the kids: many centers offer workshops for youngsters, and it's an opportunity to give Mom a Saturday morning off.

Among the most popular projects at the kids' clinics are building a birdhouse, making a picture frame, building a toolbox, or making a step stool. Store employees run the workshops, and the projects are made from prefabricated kits.

In addition to allowing for some quality, one-on-one time with your kids, the workshops also teach them valuable do-it-yourself skills, the importance of tool safety, and instill in them a sense of accomplishment.

Mom will thank you, too.

Did you know?

You just heard the tail-end of a TV news report on a child-safety recall. Where do you find the details? Log on to, and click into the Consumer Product Consumer Product Safety CommissionSafety Commission's news release section. This is also a terrific resource for researching toys, accessories, clothing, and other child-related items. In May, for instance, seven of the two dozen listed recalls involved various brands of car seats, mountain bikes, plush animals included as premiums in other products, basketball sets, toddler activity rockers, and illegally imported toys.

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