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Set a good example for your grandchildren
October 2000 Issue

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Set a good example
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Twenty-first century life has added obstacles to the grandparenting role that were not issues when you were a child or parent. Families come in configurations that were unimaginable 25 or 30 years ago, so the not-for-profit Foundation For Grandparenting suggests a periodic self-assessment of your role in the extended family.

Take a few minutes to answer the following questions. If changes are necessary, the Foundation suggests you make them. By growing, changing, and learning, you set the example for your children and grandchildren.

What obstacles are in the way of being the kind of grandparent you want to be?

Can you discuss these issues with the family?

Are you making a personal effort to remedy things that get in the way of you being the best grandparent possible?

Do you ask your loved ones for feedback on how you are doing?

Being a grandparent means having a direct relationship with your grandchild. The ingredients of a close grandparent-grandchild bond are one-to-one time together with undivided attention.

How did you feel when your first grandchild was born?

Do you spend time alone with your grandchild?

Do you know what your grandchild expects, and needs, from you?

What are the things you can uniquely teach your grandchild?

Are you part of your grandchild’s daily life?

If you do not live close by, do you keep in close touch with your grandchild?

Being a grandparent also means having an indirect relationship to your grandchild by supporting the child’s parents.

Have you talked with the parents about what kind of grandparent they would like you to be for their child?

How you can be supportive to them?

Have you told them what kind of grandparent YOU would like to be?

Can you communicate openly and freely with them?

Can you listen to what they say with an open mind?

Are you making an effort to be up to date with parents and grandchildren, being familiar with the world they live in?

Is your advice well received?

Mail Bag

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