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Choosing a Daycare Provider
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October 2000 Issue

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Choosing a Daycare

One of the most
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Choosing a daycare provider is, no doubt, one of the most important and challenging decisions you will make as a parent. Remember, you are choosing the person or people that will help shape the life of your child. In making your decision, start your selection process early - don’t wait until the last minute and be forced to settle for someone you don’t feel confident with. Ask yourself, "Will this person challenge and teach my child or simply place him in front of a video?" Licensing requirements for daycare providers vary from state to state (i.e., inspections, background checks, mandatory CPR training, etc). Does the provider in question meet or exceed your requirements as well as the state’s? Ask for references from people you know and trust. Ask potential daycare providers for references as well - and check those references thoroughly. Make a list of questions including, cost, policies on vacations, holidays, sick days, etc. Meet and interview the daycare provider one-on-one and ask questions without your child present. Then introduce your child into the equation on a separate visit to observe the interaction. Most importantly, never feel awkward about asking a question - it is your child’s welfare at stake. Trust your instinct as a parent, you know when something feels right or wrong for your child.

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