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Cool Summer Treats
October 2000 Issue

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Cool Summer Treats
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The kids are playing outside and it’s hot. What better surprise than to give them cool treats made quickly and easily. For frozen treats, try using plastic frozen treat forms available in department stores and through various plastic storage container companies. To fill the forms, try any of the following or mix and match to create your own surprise:




fruit juice


pureed fruit (using your food processor or blender)

chocolate milk

flavored yogurt

your child’s favorite carbonated drink

prepared powdered fruit drinks

Another frozen treat that is a fun and healthy choice is frozen banana pops. Choose ripe bananas and insert a wooden Popsicle stick in one end. Dip the peeled banana in chocolate melted with a bit of paraffin wax. Roll the dipped banana in chopped nuts, place on a piece of waxed paper, and freeze.

For a quick treat that kids really love try some "finger gelatin". Specific recipes can be found on boxes of gelatin and unflavored gelatin. This treat is full of flavor, cool, quick to make, can be cut into fun shapes with a cookie cutter, and is guaranteed to generate giggles from your kids! So add something sweet and cool to your child’s summer – without heating up your kitchen!

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