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Make a Sock Snowman  
Bring the fun of a winter snow inside with a sock, some rice, and bits and pieces found around the house.


snowmanWinter snows, frigid weather, and school vacations have sent the kids indoors with idle time on their hands. When it's too cold for fun outside, bring the spirit of the outdoors to life with a sock snowman craft project. This cute little tube sock snowman is a perfect winter craft project to do with kids of all ages. The little fellow makes a great winter decoration or a thoughtful holiday gift for teachers and grandparents.

You will need:

  • 1 men's white athletic tube sock (preferably with looped cotton pile on the inside to give the snowman's body a textured look)
  • Rice
  • "googly" eyes and miniature pom-poms (available at any craft store)
  • Yarn
  • Decorative holiday fabric or felt
  • Safety scissors
  • Craft glue (a hot glue gun for craft work may be appropriate if your child is old enough, but be sure to supervise its use)
  • Assorted bits and pieces (buttons, bows, pipe cleaners, sticks, etc.) from around the house.

Assembling the body:
1. To start the snowman's body, take the sock and make sure it is actually a "tube" sock (it should be straight with no bend for the heel and foot). Most socks have a smooth surface on the outside and a textured, rough, loop surface on the inside. If you child decides he or she would prefer the snowman to have a textured body, turn the sock inside out.
2. Hold the top of the sock open and fill the sock roughly two-thirds full of rice (this will form the body of the snowman, give him weight so he remains stationary, and enable him to have a flat bottom so he can sit solidly on a table, desk, or mantel).
3. Lift the sock up slightly and tie a piece of yarn around the sock about one inch above the top of the rice (this keeps the rice contained in the sock and keeps Mr. Snowman from having an accident and spilling his rice contents everywhere!)
4. Now it's time to form the snowman's body and head. Keep in mind how real snowmen are constructed—a large ball for the body and a slightly smaller ball for the head. Divide the sock accordingly with slightly more than half of the rice toward the bottom and the smaller amount above, forming the head (the one inch of space you allowed above the rice for your first tie will allow space for the rice to form the head).
5. Tie another piece of yarn where you divided the snowman body into two sections. Gently squeeze and mold the snowman's shape until it suits your child's artistic vision.
6. The excess portion of the sock (usually the "ribbed" portion) will form a nice hat for the snowman. Holding the sock at the opening, fold or roll the sock down over itself until it meets the snowman's head. The edge of the sock can be rolled to give the hat a brim.

snowmanNow it's time to decorate the snowman and give it some personality. Make decorating the snowman a "treasure hunt" of things found around the house and outdoors. Pieces of felt, colorful plaid material, holiday gift-wrap ribbon, buttons (matched and mismatched), fabric pom-poms, leftover Halloween candy corn or other hard colorful candies are great options for facial features and clothing accessories. Where the yarn divides the snowman head and body, cut a length of decorative felt or plaid/holiday-print material and wrap it around his neck to form a scarf. Another piece of black fabric or felt can be glued to the brim of the hat to define it more clearly. A brightly colored pom-pom might make a fun addition to the top of Mr. Snowman's hat. snowmanBe sure to add eyes (either "googly" eyes, buttons, or some similar round items), a nose (an orange "carrot" cut from felt or a miniature pom-pom will do the trick), and a line of buttons (matching or mismatched) down the snowman's front to complete his ensemble! Small sticks or pipe cleaners may also be inserted into the snowman's body to form arms. Craft glue will hold the decorative bits in place and, if older children are doing the creating, a hot glue gun may also be used to attach the pieces.

Let your kids have fun and make their snowman (or snowwoman) as unique as they please. You'll get their creative juices flowing, fill some of their idle time with a fun project, and gain a cute decorative friend to help brighten the winter doldrums. So head to the basement, wrestle a dryer gnome for a mate-less sock and get creative with the kids!

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