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Personal Presents That Children Can Easily Make  
Holiday arts and crafts for delightful homemade gifts


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Personal Presents That Children Can Easily Make
Holiday arts and crafts for delightful homemade gifts

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FinancialChildren love to receive gifts and also love to give gifts that they have made themselves. Holiday arts and crafts are not only fun but also help children understand the true meaning of giving.

Here are three easy gifts that kids can make (younger children will need an adult helper).

Lemony Kitchen Soap

Lemon-scented soap is a perfect present for people who like to cook. The lemon scent helps remove garlic and some other food scents from hands. Even young children can help make this gift by mixing the soap or by pressing the mixture into the molds.

You will need:
1 bar of Ivory hand soap, finely grated
1/4 cup water
20 or more drops of lemon-scented essential oil, according to preference
Waxed paper
Cookie cutters or small tartlet molds

An adult should finely grate the soap, and then children can place the grated soap and the water into a large bowl and mix until thoroughly combined. Add as many drops of lemon-scented essential oil as you'd like. Mix again so that the essential oil is evenly distributed. Spread waxed paper on a countertop or cookie pan. Place tartlet molds or cookie cutters (with open side facing up) on the waxed paper, then press the soap mixture into the molds or cookie cutters, making sure to press the soap mixture firmly and evenly, and into the corners. Let dry overnight.

In the morning, carefully remove the lemony soap from the cookie cutters or molds, then gift-warp. Makes six to eight soaps.

Handsome, Reusable Shopping Totes

No matter how small your children, they or you can give a holiday gift they have made that will warm hearts and help loved ones use fewer paper or plastic shopping bags.

You will need:
Plain black canvas tote bags
Fabric paints in bright colors
Paper plates

Adults will need to iron the tote bags before use. Squeeze one color of paint onto a paper plate, then dip the child's hand or foot into the paint, making sure that the palm of the hand or the bottom of the foot is evenly covered—but not dripping—with paint. Press the child's hand or foot evenly onto the front of the canvas bag, then quickly lift the hand or the foot straight up from the bag. Wash the hand or foot. Squeeze another color of paint onto a different paper plate, and then repeat the process with the child's other hand or foot.

Children's-Art Note Cards

Children old enough to hold a crayon can make note cards that feature their very own artwork, to give as gifts to grandparents, relatives or family friends. They're a perfect way, for example, for grandparents to share news about their grandchildren and to remember the developmental stage of each child.

You will need:
Blank white note cards and envelopes
Crayons, colored markers or water-based paint

Have children decorate the front of each note card and then let the art dry. Do not decorate the envelopes. Stack several of the note cards on top of the same number of envelopes, to create sets. Tie each set of cards and envelopes with ribbon. Children will enjoy giving them as Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanza or New Year's gifts, or for other special occasions.

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