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Around the holiday season, we begin to think more about our family and friends and often choose to share gifts with them to celebrate the season and their impact on our lives. Remember too, that your children have people in their lives that are special to them and gift giving is an important event in their lives as well. As with your shopping, a little planning in advance can keep the frustration to a minimum and serve as a learning tool for your child as well.


Help your child set a budget to help guide their holiday gift buying. If you are supplementing their holiday finances work from your set amount or perhaps offer to match an amount they have been saving for the occasion.


Let your child make a list of people to buy for - family, friends, teachers, etc.


Spend a few hours with your child window shopping to give them ideas about what is available. This also gives them a sense how much things cost and how far their savings will go.


Try to schedule a time to actually shop with them when your complete attention is dedicated to what they are buying.


If budgets are tight, try shopping at discount or dollar stores or even help your child make gifts such as cookies, fudge, and other baked goods - wrapped in colorful food wrap they can be thoughtful, inexpensive gifts for teachers and other adults.

It is never too late to plan for next year - start a Christmas Club account at your bank for your child. These accounts usually begin in October and a modest amount of money is deposited by your child each month. Then, the following October prior to the holiday shopping season, your child will have his or her own money with which to purchase gifts. An added benefit being that they learn a lesson in saving and the value of a dollar. What better way to let your children share the joys of the holiday season!

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