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Give Your Child's Future a Smart Start  
Introducing an easy and affordable way to save for college.


Give Your Child's Future a Smart Start
Introducing an easy and affordable way to save for college.

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FinancialYour child's life is just beginning, but you've already started thinking about the future. You know how important it is to help your child achieve a college education, and you want to start saving as soon as possible. Now what?

If you're wondering how to begin a college savings plan that fits your goals and your budget, take a look at The ABC's of Saving for College. This helpful guide from our June newsletter provides an overview of the different savings plans available to you and offers some tips for beginning a successful savings strategy. Especially given today's uncertain financial times, you should carefully consider how well each option meets your desire for security and affordability.

It's understandable that you may be feeling particularly cautious about beginning a college savings plan right now. That's why Gerber Life created the new Gerber Life College Plan—it's designed especially for young families like yours who want to be sure to reach their savings goal in time to provide important financial support for college.

The Gerber Life College Plan is a different kind of college savings plan. It's an endowment insurance policy that provides a guaranteed payment to the beneficiary of your choice after a certain number of years. You can choose the amount of your guaranteed benefit payment—$10,000 to $150,000—and when the payment will be made—in 10, 15, 18 years, or another timeframe of your choice. Then you begin making a small monthly contribution—almost as little as $1 a day. The amount of this contribution will never increase, so you'll find it easy to include college savings as a consistent part of your monthly budget.

Gerber Life's new Gerber Life College Plan provides several advantages over other savings methods. You can count on:

  • A guaranteed benefit payment that can be used for college expenses, or for any other purpose you choose
  • A wide selection of benefit amounts, from $10,000 to $150,000
  • A flexible range of plan durations to coincide with your child's expected college entrance
  • Peace of mind—there's no investment or interest rate risk
  • Fixed low monthly premiums that work within your budget
  • Built-in life insurance protection—the full benefit amount will be paid to your beneficiary if something were to happen to you before the plan matures
  • The flexibility to access your money early if a need should arise—simply request a loan from the cash value of your policy

No one understands the needs of young families better than Gerber Life. We've been providing dependable, family-focused life insurance for more than 40 years. Our Gerber Life College Plan provides the same guaranteed security that millions of families have come to expect from us. You can trust your child's future to Gerber Life.

Apply for the Gerber Life College Plan now. You can apply online or by phone in just minutes. Call 1-800-704-2343. For more information, speak to one of our knowledgeable and caring specialists. They can answer any questions you may have and help you select a plan that best meets your needs. You can also read the answers to Frequently Asked Questions about the Gerber Life College Plan.

Make a smart choice for your child's future. Begin a Gerber Life College Plan today!

Articles are provided for the general interest of our readers. Gerber Life Insurance is not responsible for any content and recommends that you consult the appropriate professional with any questions or concerns you may have concerning any financial or health related issues.

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