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The Sands of Time  
A quick and easy recipe for moldable sand and summer fun.


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A quick and easy recipe for moldable sand and summer fun.

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FunAh, the warm sunshine of summer is back! We are well into the summer vacation season filled with family trips away from home. Maybe this year it will be an amusement park or the beach but, for a short period of time, your family can relax and enjoy some time together without the worries of everyday life coming into play. When the family summer vacation is over, the kids still have the remainder of their school vacation left to fill with play and the things that make being a kid so wonderful. When the summer weather hits, the fun of playing in sand is one activity that many young kids anticipate. From time at the beach to time sitting in the neighborhood or backyard sandbox, there is nothing quite like the feeling of a warm bed of sand underneath your feet, running through your fingers, and stimulating your childlike desire to build a magical castle! For those who want to bring the fun and creativity of sand inside (or to the backyard), there is a simple recipe for creating moldable sand that makes creating works of art a bit easier for young hands.

What you will need:
6 cups colored play sand (available at most home and garden centers)
3 cups of cornstarch (available at a lower price from most dollar stores)
1-1/2 cups of cold water
A large, airtight container (for mixing and storage)

In a large container, mix the water and the cornstarch together thoroughly until the mixture is smooth. Using your hands and fingers, gradually mix in the sand, one cup at a time until all of the ingredients are incorporated and evenly distributed. Once mixed, the moldable sand is ready for your child! Use buckets, plastic cups, and any other plastic molds to form different shapes. Press the sand into the form and pack it tightly. Invert the form and shake or tap, releasing the molded sand.

When the kids are finished playing with their moldable sand, simply put it in an airtight container, pop on a lid, and store it for a later playtime. Over time and with exposure to the air, the moldable sand will dry out. Simply sprinkle a few tablespoons of water over it and work it in with your fingers to revive it—making it moldable again. For a little variety and to give your kids a bit more creative freedom, make additional batches of moldable sand using different colors of play sand.

If you want to try to extend the workable texture of the moldable sand (to keep it from drying out), substitute an equal amount of mineral oil or baby oil for the water. Mix it with the cornstarch and gradually add the mixture to the sand.

As always with potentially messy play materials, you will want to contain the sand in a protected area (possibly outside) to make cleanup after playtime easier. Before long, your kids will have memories of building sand castles on the beach—only this time their construction project will be more stable and there is no need to worry about incoming waves wrecking their creation!

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