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Baby Bath Time

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Baby Bath Time

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Bath time can be fun for you and your baby. It’s a perfect opportunity for you to relax and enjoy some interactive developmental play time. Here are some fun ideas to help you and your baby enjoy bath time together.

How frequently you bathe baby depends on your climate, your baby’s health, and the time of year. Check with your doctor; more than likely, he or she won’t recommend a daily bath for your newborn. Too many baths may dry out baby's tender skin. You may only need to bathe baby 2-3 times each week if you wash the diaper area thoroughly during diaper changes.

Your baby can’t regulate her body temperature as well as you can, so choose a warm, draft-free room to bathe baby.

For infants, you can use a specially designed, slip-resistant infant bathtub, or the kitchen sink. Be sure to line the sink with a soft towel to prevent baby from slipping.

Fill the tub with 2-3 inches of warm—not hot—water. Hold baby securely and gently lower her into the tub. You can drape a warm washcloth across baby's middle to help her feel secure.

You can transfer your baby soap/shampoo into hand pumps, which dispense just the right amount and leave one hand free for holding onto baby.

Be sure to keep all the essentials together and stay within arm's reach of your baby while she is in the tub. Never leave baby alone in the bath.

Of course, never leave your baby unattended in a bath.

Speak to baby and sing songs throughout your bath time to keep her entertained. If she screams during the first bath, it's okay. You can speak soothingly to comfort baby and help her to learn to enjoy this special time together.

Consider putting baby in the tub with you.  It's easy and you can enjoy each other and some warm and wet snuggle time.

A hooded towel is best for keeping baby's head warm right after the bath. Dry her off by gently patting, not rubbing, her skin, and hair.

If you prefer to lotion your baby after a bath, you take the chill off the lotion by placing the bottle in the bath water during bath time so that the lotion is nice and warm to baby's skin.

Bath time can be fun for you and your baby. Babies love skin-to-skin contact and bathing offers another great opportunity for warm interaction between you and your little one. Take the time to enjoy this warm, soothing, and relaxing experience.

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