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Chances are, you enjoy having your Grandchildren visit in your home. It can be fun. But, it can also be dangerous, especially for toddlers. As adults, it is easy to forget how curious little ones can be. Ordinary items, such as a handbag, houseplants, even windows and doors can be the source of serious accidents. If it has been awhile since you thought of "child-proofing" your home, consider the following recommendations:

  1. Store your handbag out of reach.
  2. Scour the bathroom for hidden dangers: keep toilet seats down, move bathroom cleaners out from under the vanity, and store prescription or over-the-counter medicines in a locking cabinet.
  3. Latch and lock all windows; secure dangling cords and drapery pulls.
  4. Move plants away from inquisitive hands: many plants and potting soil treated with fertilizers, etc. are toxic.
  5. Be mindful of choking hazards, especially food! Insist that toddlers sit at the table for meals and snacks. Do not allow them to wander about with food in hand.
  6. Pay special attention to the kitchen. Latch cupboards, make sure knives are stored in latched drawers or in a knife block out of reach, and when cooking, turn pot handles inward and away from little hands.
  7. Move coffee tables or other furniture with sharp edges out of the path of little ones.
  8. Gate stairs.
  9. Take precautions with pets—even if the child and the animal seem to get along. Even the most loving animals can react defensively when they are startled or feel threatened. Also, move the pet’s food, medications, toys, etc. out of reach.
  10. Replace out-of-date baby equipment. Safety improvements have made many older highchairs, cribs, etc. obsolete. Also, beware of recalled or discontinued items such as baby walkers.

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