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Turkey Time: Making a Pinecone Turkey  
Let your kids help decorate for autumn with this easy craft project!


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Making a Pinecone Turkey
Let your kids help decorate for autumn with this easy craft project!

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FunAs most of us learned in elementary school, the turkey was Benjamin Franklin's choice as a national symbol instead of the bald eagle. Although the lowly turkey lost out on the national honor, it still holds its place as one of the true symbols of autumn and the official start of the holiday season. That full span of tail feathers and broad body immediately brings to mind thoughts of a bountiful harvest and the joining together of family and friends from near and far. With a few simple items and creative project time, your child can make a pinecone turkey (or a whole flock!) to help provide some autumn decorations around your home.

What you will need:

  • A medium pinecone (from your neighborhood or a craft supply store)
  • An acorn, hazelnut, or other small nut (in its shell)
  • Red and yellow pipe cleaners (available at craft supply stores)
  • Wire cutters
  • Two small "googly" eyes (available at craft stores)
  • Low temperature glue gun or craft glue
  • Assortment of feathers (from an old feather duster or craft supply store).

Prepare a work surface by covering it with a layer of newspaper or protective plastic. For each turkey, start with a pinecone for the turkey's body. First start by making legs for the turkey. Using a pair of wire cutters, cut two pieces of yellow pipe cleaner approximately 3 inches in length (an adult should do the cutting and supervise the handling of the cut pipe cleaner). For each leg, bend both ends of the pipe cleaner around about " in from the end (to make a small loop on each end). Then bend the pipe cleaner in the middle and twist once or twice at the top to hold the leg in position. Repeat the process for the second leg. Using a glue gun or craft glue, glue one leg on each side of the pinecone just about halfway back to the larger end of the pinecone. Allow the glue to set.

FunWhile the legs are drying in place, make the turkey's head. Glue the acorn to the small end of the pinecone and glue the "googly" eyes on either side of the acorn or nutshell. Once again, allow the glue to dry. Next, give the turkey a set of tail feathers. Apply a drop of glue to the quill of the feather (the hard part). Insert the feathers in between the segments of the pinecone (at the large end) until a nice tail has been formed. Allow the tail feathers to dry.

For the final touch to the pinecone turkey, add a red "waddle" or beard to the turkey's head. Using wire cutters (once again with adult supervision), cut a 1/2" piece of red pipe cleaner. Twist the ends together the form a teardrop shape and glue it in place below the eyes on the turkey's acorn head. With that, the turkey is complete! If you would like to place your turkey on a base, you can glue it to a scrap of green felt, fabric, or an old cork or cardboard drink coaster. Add a couple small twigs, stones, and autumn leaves and your child's turkey creation will look right at home!

So the next time you're looking for a fall project to entertain your kids for a few hours, go for a walk in the neighborhood to find pinecones and nuts and spend some creative time celebrating the coming of autumn!

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