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Good dads raise great kids
October 2000 Issue

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Parents Corner
Good dads raise great kids

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Say, Dad, if you’re not getting the parenting advice you need or if you’ve ever wondered exactly how important you are to your child’s development, has your answers.

The official website for the not-for-profit National Center for Fathering offers a wealth of valuable resources, research-based how-to solutions, and peer support, all aimed at helping you become the dad your kid needs.

In case you’re wondering how important dads are in early childhood development, data collected by includes these eye-openers:


One-year-olds whose dads are highly involved in their upbringing are less likely to suffer from separation anxiety.


Strong father-child interaction is an important factor in toddlers’ physical well being, perceptual abilities, and ability to relate with others.

Students whose fathers attend school meetings and volunteer at school are more likely to get A's, enjoy school, participate in extracurricular activities, and less likely to have to repeat a grade.

Fathers who spent time alone with their kids performing routine childcare at least two times a week raised children who were the most compassionate adults, according to a 26-year study of 370 kids and their dads.

Did You Know?

You and the kids can create interactive Sesame Street stories on the internet and then print them out. Log on to and follow the links from "Stories" on the homepage to the "Make-a-Story" page. There, you and the children can pick and choose actions and settings to create your very own episodes of Grover’s Summer Story, Telly in Space, and The Adventures of Elmo in Grouchland.

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