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According to government studies, pre-schoolers aren’t being read to as often as they were a few years ago. The studies don’t say why this critical trend is going the wrong way, but it may be because life is more hectic now for Moms and Dads.

What a great opportunity for grandparents to step in and help out. It’s pretty much common knowledge that kids who are read to as infants and toddlers learn to read at an earlier age and generally do better in school.

Now new research is showing that story-telling and singing may be just as effective as reading when it comes to priming the pre-schooler for things to come.

According to data reported by the Federal Interagency Forum on Child and Family Statistics, story-telling


Stimulates a child’s imagination, even as an infant


Helps toddlers learn new words

Gives pre-schoolers insights into the components of a story like characters, plot, action, and sequence of events

And remember, we’re not talking The Sound and the Fury here. Grandmom’s first trip on an airplane works just as well.

If you can’t think of a story, sing a song.

That’s right. Songs help infants and toddlers get a head-start, according to the FIFCF report. Simply put, songs teach a love of language, its rhythms, and its sounds. (Here’s a hint: There is a delightful collection of children’s songs by classical guitarist Michael Kolmstetter available now on our Value Added page.)

But most important of all, the government says, these activities are child-centered, conducted in a relaxed atmosphere, and allow for warm, positive interaction between children and adults.

In Grandmom and Grandpop talk, that means when you read to your grandchildren, or sing to them and tell them stories, you are telling them that you love them, value them, and want them to succeed.

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