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Homemade Halloween Costumes for Infants  
Creating adorable, budget-friendly costumes using many items that baby already has


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Homemade Halloween Costumes for Infants
Creating adorable, budget-friendly costumes using many items that baby already has

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FunMany parents want to put a baby costume on their bundle of joy at Halloween, but don't want to spend a lot of money doing so. Here are some easy and inexpensive ideas for baby costumes, many of which you can make from items that you probably already have.

Beautiful Butterfly: Dress baby in a brightly colored romper, and make or buy an inexpensive set of "butterfly wings" for baby's back, which strap under baby's arms. Think this is a girl's costume only? By dressing baby in black and adding orange wings, this would be an adorable costume for boys as well.

Lovable Puppy: Dress baby either in all white, all black or all brown and include a baseball cap that is the same color as the clothing. Next, cut out felt spots of a contrasting color (white felt for an all-black or all-brown outfit, or either black or brown felt for an all-white outfit). Adhere the felt spots to baby's clothing using nontoxic glue. Cut out felt ears, a nose and eyes and tape them to the baseball cap.

Another lovable-doggy idea: Make your own Clifford the Big Red Dog™ baby costume by dressing baby in red and using black felt for spots, ears, nose and eyes. This makes a cute costume for both boys and girls.

Fairy Princess: To create this charming girl's costume, dress your baby in a long gown, such as a christening gown (either her own or one borrowed from a friend), then give her a small "wand" to hold. As with all infant costumes, be sure that the wand is made of nontoxic materials in case it gets near baby's mouth.

Favorite Athlete: Dress baby in a team jersey or baby outfit of your favorite sports team, then top with a team cap.

Sweet Strawberry: Using a washable black felt marker pen, draw small seed shapes on a one piece, red romper that is one size too big for baby. After putting the romper on baby, stuff enough socks or Onesies into the romper to give it the shape of a strawberry. Next, cut leaf shapes out of green felt and adhere them to a green cotton or knit cap.

Delightful Ducky: Dress baby in all yellow. Cut an oval out of white felt and adhere it to the tummy of baby's outfit with nontoxic glue. Add an orange knit cap and orange socks.

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