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Life Insurance 101

Guide to Life Insurance

Everything you need to know to make the best life insurance decision for your family.

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What Kind of Policy Do I Need?

Knowing you need life insurance is half the battle. Decide which policy best fits your family's needs.
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When To Buy Life Insurance

Do you need life insurance? These life stages indicate when it can be the right time to buy.
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How Much Life Insurance Do I Need?

This article can help you decide how much life insurance your family needs.
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No Kids? Ask These Questions

If you don’t have children, you may wonder if you still need life insurance. To determine the answer, ask yourself these questions.
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Designating a Beneficiary

What is a life insurance Beneficiary and how do you designate one? Read on to learn more about this crucial step in buying a policy.
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Types of Life Insurance

All life insurance policies are not created equal. Understand how the different types of life insurance work.
Separating myths from facts about life insurance

Life Insurance Myths

Life insurance doesn’t have to be complicated. Gerber Life sets the record straight about five common myths about life insurance.
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Questions About Life Insurance

Considering life insurance? Make sure to get answers to these important questions before you buy a policy.
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Budgeting for Life Insurance

There’s a lot to think about when budgeting for a family. Find out how you can make room for life insurance in a tight budget.
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Why Do I Need Life Insurance?

There are many reasons why having life insurance coverage is a good idea. We provide the details so that you can make the decision.
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How to Buy Life Insurance

There are many decisions to make when thinking of buying life insurance. Follow this step-by-step “how to” guide.
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Do I Need a Medical Exam?

Learn why some life insurance policies require a medical exam for approval and others don’t.
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Life Insurance for Singles

Unmarried? You might still need life insurance. Here are some of the reasons why.

Child Life Insurance 101

Save today and provide for your child’s tomorrow with children’s life insurance.

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Gain Cash Value With Grow-Up® Plan

Did you know that the Gerber Life Grow-Up® Plan builds cash value over time? Discover how this can help give your child a head start.
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Child Life Insurance Benefits

Do children need life insurance? Find out why you may want to consider children’s life insurance.

Adult Life Insurance 101

Learn how adult life insurance policies can help protect your family’s financial future.
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Plans for Stay-at-Home Parents

The responsibilities in running a household shouldn’t be discounted when determining life insurance for stay-at-home parents.
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Coverage for Expectant Parents

Life insurance can help to financially protect a future baby. Find answers to common questions about life insurance while pregnant.
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Life Insurance for Millennials

Most Millennials recommend life insurance, according to studies. Read on to find out why they care — and why you should, too.
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Who Needs Accident Protection?

Accidents are unexpected. Do you need accident protection insurance? How does it differ from life insurance?
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Whole Life Insurance Benefits

Most Americans have life insurance, but many still don’t. Why might you need it? Here are the top 5 benefits of whole life insurance.
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How Term Life Insurance Works

Learn the ins and outs of how term life insurance works with this “quick start” guide.
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Deciding Term Policy Duration

Things to keep in mind when choosing the duration of a term life policy. It depends on how long you require having the coverage.
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Life Insurance for Seniors

Do seniors need life insurance? These questions can help you decide.
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Term Life Insurance Benefits

Learn about various benefits of term life insurance, including its affordability.
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The Cash Value Benefit of Whole Life Insurance

Whole life insurance comes with a dandy feature: cash value. Learn how it can grow over time and how you could benefit.

Planning for College

Our college planning resources are your guide to all things college preparation.

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Ways to Help Pay for College

With so many college savings plans, it can be hard to choose. Check out this comparison of the different ways to help pay for college.
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College Planning Timeline

It’s never too early to start planning for college. Our helpful guide provides age-specific guidance from birth through high school.