Young and Healthy? That’s Why You Should Get Accident Protection

Accident Protection – Young couple

Ever find yourself worrying about the future? Let’s talk this through.

Are you young? You can relax, feeling that you have nothing but time on your side.

Are you healthy? That’s great! Keep up the good work. You’re likely at a lower risk for chronic health issues.

So what should be on your mind right now? Things that are out of your control. Things like accidents. 

Accidents can happen to anyone, no matter how young, healthy, or prepared you may be.

In fact, if you’re 25 to 34 years old, you are 4.5 times more likely to pass away from an accident than from cancer. From the age of 25 to 44, accidental death happens to be the single greatest risk.*

We’re not here to make you stress about the unexpected, but we can help you to be prepared through Accident Protection. Here’s why:

  • Accident Protection insurance is designed to be an affordable way to financially safeguard the people you care about. Your beneficiary would receive the policy’s lump-sum payout amount for qualified accidental death or injury.
  • If you’re young and unmarried, that can mean protecting your parents or significant other from the burden of medical bills or debt you leave behind.
  • It can also mean helping to cover lost income in the event of a serious or disabling covered injury.

For people who feel they don’t yet need the extensive coverage of a typical life insurance policy, Accident Protection can be a great alternative. The Gerber Life policy offers from $50,000 to $250,000 of 24/7 protection for your loved ones. Premium rates start as low as 17 cents per day** payable monthly.

We’re here to answer any questions you may have. Call us at 1-866-674-3051 for help understanding whether the Gerber Life Accident Protection coverage makes the most sense for you.

You are eligible regardless of health or occupation – no physical exam or health questions needed - so you can apply online in minutes.

*Source: CDC: National Vital Statistics Report, Natural Center for Health Statistics. Vol. 70, No. 9, July 26, 2021 page 11 (2021).

**17¢/day is the cost for a $50,000 policy with automatic payments.

"Accidents can happen to anyone, no matter how young, healthy, or prepared you may be."

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