Whole Life Insurance can be a Smart Choice for your Future

Whole Life Insurance – Family with a bright future

You’ve probably heard that life insurance is a necessary safeguard for you and your family’s financial future. And it is that, but it’s also so much more, particularly Whole Life insurance.

Let’s break it down.

Three key components of Whole Life insurance make it a smart choice:

Greater financial protection for your family 
Whole Life insurance never expires as long as premiums are paid, which means you can have financial protection for your family year after year, for your entire life. (Term Life insurance is different from Whole Life in that it provides protection for a specific length of time or “term,” such as 10, 20 or 30 years.)

Premium rates that never go up
With Gerber Life Whole Life insurance, for example, your premium will never change, not even 50 years from now, as long as premiums are paid. That means you’ll have a predictable monthly payment and one less thing to worry about while the other financial milestones in your life keep you on your toes. 

Cash value that grows
The longer you hold your policy, the greater the cash value. The cash value is a source of money that could be borrowed against*, in the event that a need arises or to pay for an unexpected expense. Or, you could turn in the policy and receive the available cash value. Our Whole Life insurance provides this little extra safety net.

Think about it this way – you can help protect your family’s future and also have a financial safety net for the unexpected. 

The sooner you apply for a Gerber Life Whole Life Policy, the sooner your family will have this financial protection, and the sooner your policy will begin building cash value.

Get started by completing a short application and answering a few questions. No medical exam is required to get a policy in most cases. Once approved, Gerber Life will never cancel your policy, as long as premiums are paid.

If you’re ready for an extra dose of security in your life, apply today for a Gerber Life Whole Life insurance policy. You may find yourself sleeping easier at night, knowing that your family’s financial life is better protected.

*Policy loan interest rate is 8%.

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