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FCRA Policy Statement (Investigative Consumer Reports)

This policy statement applies to our life insurance operations in the U.S., mainly to our process for obtaining investigative consumer reports when necessary. This statement may be relevant to you regardless of how you apply for insurance (online, paper application, over the phone, etc.).

This notice is meant to address our obligations under certain aspects of the Fair Credit Reporting Act (“FCRA”).

Your Rights under the Fair Credit Reporting Act

Depending on the size of the policy applied for, we may request that an investigative consumer report about the Proposed Insured be given to us. It will be conducted by a national organization skilled in obtaining information about people. A credit report may be requested in connection with this application to determine eligibility for insurance or premium to be charged.

The kind of information we may be seeking includes such facts as residence verification, marital status, occupation, general reputation, personal characteristics and mode of living. It will be obtained through personal interviews with the Proposed Insured’s friends, neighbors, associates and other acquaintances. Inquiries will not be directed toward determining the Proposed Insured’s sexual orientation.

The Proposed Insured, upon written request, will be informed whether or not an investigative report was requested, and if a report was ordered, the name and address of the Consumer reporting agency. A copy of this report is available to the Proposed Insured upon request.

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