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Whole Life Insurance Plan

2Monthly premium reflects discount for paying via automatic monthly payments from your checking or savings account.

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Whole Life Insurance
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Whole Life Insurance Questions & Answers

  • A whole life insurance plan offers protection to your family for the length of time you need it, at a rate that is affordable for you. Unlike term life insurance, there is no specific time period associated with the policy. With whole life insurance, you could own the policy for a few years or the rest of your life, as long as you pay the premiums. Another big difference between whole life and term life insurance is that whole life insurance builds “cash value.”

  • Cash value is money that is set aside by Gerber Life for your future. The longer you hold the whole life policy, the more cash value your policy builds. If a need arises, you can borrow against this money to help cover lost income, mortgage payments, education costs or other expenses, or you can simply leave it as a nest-egg for your children or grandchildren.

  • Gerber Life offers a wide range of coverage amounts from $25,000 to $150,000. Get a quote today to find out how much coverage you need.

  • Absolutely not. With Gerber Life, the amount you pay when your coverage starts is the same amount that you‘ll pay throughout the life of your policy (unless you decide to increase your coverage or the frequency of your payments). The sooner you apply, the lower your starting premium rate, since premiums are based on your age when you apply.

  • No medical exam is necessary, in most cases. Coverage is dependent on answers to health questions. A physical may be necessary for cause and for applicants ages 51 and older who apply for more than $100,000 of coverage. In almost all other circumstances, Gerber Life's customers will not need a medical exam.

  • There are two key reasons that people choose the protection of a whole life insurance plan. One is the ability to hold the policy for as long as desired (as long as you pay the premiums) and the other is the “cash value” that the policy builds.

  • No. Once coverage begins, and for as long as premiums are paid, Gerber Life cannot cancel your whole life insurance policy. You are the only one who has the option to cancel the coverage.

  • Yes. You can borrow money from the cash value that has built up in the policy, as long as all premiums are paid. Interest will accrue on all policy loans.1

  • That's your choice. You can pay back the money plus accrued interest or, if you choose to not pay back the money borrowed, it will simply be deducted when the policy's death benefit is paid, or else deducted from the cash value when the policy is cashed in.

  • As an option, you can purchase a Waiver of Premium Rider. It's an extra safeguard for you. For example, if you should become totally disabled and that disability continues for at least six months, this rider would offer you additional protection on your policy. Gerber Life would pay your policy premiums and would continue your whole life insurance coverage until you recover.2

  • Still have questions about whole life insurance?

    We'd be happy to help.
    Contact us at 800-425-7542.

    We'd be happy to help. Contact us at 800-425-7542.

    1Policy loan interest rate is 8%.

    2If the insured's disability occurs after age 60, Gerber Life will continue to waive premiums up to age 65.

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