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Income Sense Plan
Income Sense Plan

Protect your income. Protect your family.

Say hi to IncomeSense, life insurance re-imagined.

IncomeSense helps support your family month after month.

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Get up to 30 years of income protection

If you pass away, IncomeSense gives your family money every month for up to 30 years1 from when you take out your policy.

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Say yes to monthly payouts without any taxes

In most cases, IncomeSense’s monthly payouts are 100% tax-free. That means more money for your family.

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Easy to apply, easy on the wallet

Apply online with no medical exam. Even better, monthly premiums are generally less than traditional term life insurance.

Even if you can't be there for your family, your monthly income can be.

Frequently asked questions

  • What is IncomeSense?

    IncomeSense is life insurance protection that will provide your family with a monthly payout to help cover their monthly expenses if you pass away. It’s a type of policy known as declining term life insurance.

Protect your monthly income for your family even if you’re gone.

You can apply online and be approved in minutes.

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1Up to age 65

LP-IS1 (0321)

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