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Gerber Life Insurance College Plan Questions

How can the Gerber Life Insurance College Plan help you prepare for college? Read the answers to frequently asked questions below. Can’t find the answer you’re looking for? Simply email your question to us and one of our representatives will be happy to help.

  • The rate of return varies depending upon your specific policy, its duration, and your billing frequency. For further details about your specific policy's rate of return, please call us at 866-503-4487.

  • The amount you'd get back depends on when you stop paying and surrender your policy. If you are past your policy's midway point (for a 10-year policy, the midpoint is about five years), you would get back all of the money you paid in.

  • The Gerber Life Insurance College Plan will generate some taxable income, Gerber Life Insurance will send you a statement (Form 1099) to file with your taxes. Please consult your tax advisor, in some cases, estate or inheritance taxes may apply.

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