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Are You Uninsurable? Signs Point to No

July 13, 2012

Couple meeting with Insurance AgentIf you’re in poor health and are seeking a family insurance policy, you don’t have to assume that you’ll be turned down for life insurance coverage as a result. Life insurance protection is offered every day to people with less than stellar physical exam results – and the best part is, you may not even have to take a physical to be able to get signed up for some family insurance plans. If this sounds too good to be true, it isn’t.

Don’t Lie when Disclosing Your Health Issues
In many cases, all you’ll be required to submit, in order to sign up for a family insurance policy, is a full disclosure of existing health issues for yourself and any other member of your family that you choose to insure. You’ll be asked a battery of questions ranging from tobacco use to weight to family history of illnesses. The one thing to keep in mind here is to answer every question honestly, regardless of how you think it will influence the insurance company’s decision to cover you. If your concern about being “uninsurable” influences you to lie, you may do your family more harm in the long run. Many people mistakenly think that they’ll be able to guarantee life insurance coverage by claiming to be non-smokers when they do, in fact, partake in tobacco-related habits. As long as your application doesn’t arrive smelling like a smoldering ashtray, how are they to know, right?

But you could be wasting your hard earned money by lying on your application. If the time should come for your family to benefit from your life insurance policy, their claim could be denied if tests discover that you misrepresented your tobacco usage. Bear in mind that before any claims are paid out, insurance companies perform thorough investigations and even if someone’s death isn’t the result of smoking, lying about smoking on an application could be cause for a refusal of benefits.

You’ll Pay More
Even individuals with diabetes and heart related health issues shouldn’t consider themselves uninsurable. Depending on your pre-existing condition you might end up paying a much higher premium than someone in your same age group who’s in good health. You may also qualify for a smaller financial payout. It makes sense, after all, and it works the same way in every area of insurance, whether you’re talking about home, auto, health, or life. People in higher risk categories are charged more. But you can get coverage. That’s the great news.

Now that you know that certain health issues don’t have to be an impediment to getting approved for affordable family insurance, you can do something about it. Get started with a family insurance quote. Here, you can explore your choices for enrolling in a family insurance policy that’ll cover every member of your family financially for any conceivable eventuality. Then once you’ve done that, enjoy the restful night’s sleep that will surely follow this wise decision.




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