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Can I get Life Insurance Coverage Without a Physical?

July 22, 2013

Woman Getting A PhysicalYour current physical condition is one of the most important factors that life insurance companies consider when determining whether to approve you for a policy. For example, if you are a smoker or have been diagnosed with heart disease or have a chronic illness, you may have a more challenging time getting life insurance coverage than someone who has a better bill of health. Most life insurance companies require applicants to pass a medical exam before they will approve a policy, but not necessarily for all types of policies.

Life Insurance Without a Medical Exam

If a company offers life insurance coverage without requiring an applicant to obtain a medical exam, the type of coverage is typically term life insurance. Unlike whole life insurance policies, which pay benefits regardless of when the insured person dies, term life insurance policies are valid for only a pre-determined length of time. They’re also less expensive than whole life insurance. Companies that offer these types of policies often advertise “term life insurance without a medical exam” or “term life insurance without a physical.” For example, the Gerber Life Term Life Plan1 does not require a medical exam.

Restrictions For Life Insurance Without a Medical Exam

Although a life insurance company may approve certain types of policies for certain applicants without requiring a physical, most companies place certain restrictions on this type of policy. With the Gerber Life Term Life Plan1, a medical exam is mandatory for applicants 51 years of age or older and who apply for $100,000 or more of coverage. Also, a medical exam may be requested if you have a history of certain medical issues, regardless of age.

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1Policy Form Series SLT-05

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