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7 Potty-Training-Reward Ideas to Consider

July 20, 2016

Baby on pottyPotty training is tricky business. Some parents of toddlers will try almost anything to get their child to use the toilet.

Because every child is different, finding a potty training method that works for your child is key. Incentives may help to motivate some children in some circumstances, while other children simply may not yet be ready to give up diapers.

If you think that a potty training incentive might work for your toddler, here are seven ideas to consider:

  • Sticker Chart – Find stickers with your child’s favorite character and create a day-to-day chart for him or her. Every day, after each successful trip to the potty, encourage your child to add a new sticker to the chart.
  • Coloring Book – This is a similar concept to the sticker chart. Find a coloring with your child’s favorite character. After each successful use of the toilet, let your child color a new picture. Hopefully by the time the book is filled, your child will be completely accident free.
  • Books – If your child likes storybooks, consider keeping a stack of special books in the bathroom that your child is only allowed to read while sitting on the toilet. Alternatively, to get your child used to the potty, have him or her sit on the toilet, wearing a diaper and fully clothed, as you read a book to him or her. This can help to make your toddler feel comfortable with the potty; when he or she is ready, you can remove the diaper.
  • Do-It-Yourself Door Hanger – Another way is to make using the potty fun. For example, have your child decorate a sign to hang on the door when using the bathroom. Let your child know that he or she is only allowed to hang the sign when using the toilet.
  • “Big Kids” Underwear – Encourage the embracing of potty training by allowing your child to select his or her own “big kids” underwear. Although your child may at first want to wear the underwear over the diaper, teach him or her that big kids wear them without diapers.
  • Change the color of the water – Put a few drops of food coloring into the toilet bowl. When your child uses the toilet properly, the water will change colors, which can easily turn potty training into a game.
  • Treasure chest – Buy several inexpensive toys and gifts, and then put them into a box. Every time your child uses the potty, allow him or her to select one gift from the box.
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