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How Much Life Insurance Do You Need?

The best guideline for determining the amount of insurance to purchase is to calculate how much cash and income your dependents would need if you were to die today. Your new policy should come as close as you can afford to making up the difference between:

  • What your dependents would need to be financially secure if you were to die now:
    $ __________
  • What your dependents would receive if you were to die (include savings accounts and other assets)
    - $ __________
  • How much life insurance you need:
    = $ __________

Expenses to consider

When calculating the amount of money your family would need if you were no longer in the picture, consider how much would be needed to pay ordinary living expenses. You will also want to include allowances for medical bills, school tuition for children, taxes, mortgages and other debts, as well as any future expenses you can foresee now.

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