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Accident Protection – Young family with two children

If you have a family, life insurance is a no-brainer. It’s a simple way to help make sure the people you love are protected.

What about Accident Protection Insurance?

Do you need it if you already have life insurance? Here’s the lowdown.

Accident Protection, also known as Accidental Death and Dismemberment Insurance, or “AD&D”, helps protect your family against the unexpected. You pay monthly premiums for a specified coverage amount. But, coverage is a little different than life insurance. AD&D provides a cash benefit in the event of accidental death or a serious, disabling injury, covered by the policy. It does not cover death due to health reasons.

If you have life insurance, why add Accident Protection to your financial plan?

Let’s say you sustain a disabling injury, where you can’t return to work. It’s scary to think about, but important to make a plan for the unexpected. With the Gerber Life Accident Protection Plan, you can count on a cash benefit to help your family through things like medical bills or replacing lost income, for injuries covered by the policy.

Now, should the unthinkable happen, your loved ones could receive the benefit from both your life insurance policy and your Accident Protection policy. Adding Accident Protection gives you the peace of mind of knowing your family is protected for any eventuality. As an example, if you had a $150,000 Term policy and a $100,000 Accident Protection policy, your family would receive $250,000 if you were to die due to a qualifying accident. The additional Accident Protection coverage is designed to be affordable, starting at under $6 a month for $50,000 in coverage.

The Gerber Life Accident Protection Plan can give you that extra level of protection you want at a price that fits your budget. Applying is quick and easy. There’s no medical exam or questionnaire to fill out. As long as you’re age 18 to 69, you’re eligible to apply for up to $250,000 of coverage.

Apply online now or call 1-866-674-3051 to learn more about your life insurance or accident insurance options.

"Adding Accident Protection gives you the peace of mind of knowing your family is protected for any eventuality."

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