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33 Springtime Family Activities

February 28, 2022

See that ray of sunshine? Hear the birds chirping? Starting to smell a hint of that fresh spring air? That’s right, spring is just around the corner. Depending on where you are, we’re all ready for a couple of months when the conditions are just right — not too cold, not too hot, perfect for spending time with family outside. It’s time to get out, ditch (some of) the winter layers and seek out adventures near and far. Let’s start planning fun, unique, and budget-friendly outdoor activities.

Here are some of our favorite springtime family activities:

  1. Draw with sidewalk chalk.
  2. Go to a state or national park. Check before going for trail closures and other visitor advisories.
  3. Bring your blankets and have a sunrise breakfast outside.
  4. Walk or bike somewhere you usually drive to.
  5. Have dinner and a movie with a laptop or tablet in your backyard.
  6. Paint rocks. Acrylic paints are best for decorating rocks.
  7. Go on a color walk — find items for each color of the rainbow. For a longer trek, try an ABC walk, where you look for items that start with each letter of the alphabet.
  8. Build a bird feeder with household objects. You can use old milk bottles, jars, paper towel rolls and more.
  9. Walk under a waterfall.
  10. Skateboard or roller-skate.
  11. Dig for earthworms.
  12. Wash your car.
  13. Paint scenery.
  14. Take nature photos.
  15. Hold a front yard concert for neighbors.
  16. Fly a kite.
  17. Create a butterfly garden. You can plant flowers that attract butterflies, like marigolds, cornflower, and milkweed.
  18. Camp in the backyard.
  19. Start a compost pile. It’s a great way to reduce waste and help your plants grow! Search online on how to compost at home.
  20. Grow vegetables in the yard. If you don’t have a yard, see if there’s a community garden in your neighborhood.
  21. Wash toys outside. Kids love it because it’s water play, you like it because you end up with clean toys!
  22. Blow bubbles.
  23. Host a tea party. Dress up, pull up a table and chairs, and serve a pot of tea with light snacks.
  24. Make tie-dye t-shirts.
  25. Put on a backyard puppet show.
  26. Have a potato sack race. Don’t have potato sacks? A three-legged race is great for laughs.
  27. Jump in puddles.
  28. Read a book under a tree.
  29. Watch the sunset.
  30. Stargaze.
  31. Bird-watch. Check your local library for books on birds in your areas.
  32. Go on a nature scavenger hunt.
  33. Do a family photoshoot.

How many of these have you done with your family?

No matter what you end up doing, it’s about spending time with your family and there’s no better time to do it than spring. Stay safe and HAVE FUN!


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