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A Happy & Safe Halloween for Your Little Goblin

October 16, 2017

Halloween can be the best holiday for parents and kids, full of laughs and thrills – and candy.

So how come it may also cause you some stress? Simple: Combine costumes, strangers and nighttime, and it’s a witch’s brew of potential challenges.

Is this reason for caution? Of course.

Is this a reason to avoid trick or treating? Of course not!

At Gerber Life Insurance, we understand that you can never be too careful when it comes to protecting your children. As always, being prepared and as informed as possible helps to minimize anxiety and focus on the FUN.

Here are four easy tips to help make this Halloween a safe and positive experience for you and your little goblin.

  • Teamwork! Make it a tag-team event. It can be a perfect way to be involved before, during and after the big night. There are tons of parent/child costume ideas online, and creativity will keep costs under control. Having a excuse to stay right by your little partner’s side can ease any concerns that you or your child may have.


  • Safety First! Halloween presents a golden opportunity to practice basic safety rules that every child should learn: Use sidewalks and crosswalks, hold hands, use flashlights in the dark, and avoid strange or unlit houses. Most people are prepared to hand out candy at dusk or while it’s still light out, so it’s altogether possible to avoid being outside at night.


  • Socialize! Do you have new neighbors you’ve been wanting to meet? Halloween is an ideal time to get to know neighbors. Does your neighborhood have a website or email list? If so, help organize a group outing with nearby kids (safety in numbers) and their parents. In many towns, community centers and churches have free events – an easy alternative for little ones not ready to go house-to-house.


  • Self-Control! A very real threat occurs after the trick-and-treating has ended: It’s easy to become super excited over all the sweets, and it’s important to make sure your child does not overdo it. One way to avoid stomach aches and cavities is to alternate healthy snacks with the sugary stuff. Better yet, reward completed chores or good behavior with the hard-earned candy.
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