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Quiz: How well do you adapt to change and new situations?

May 12, 2016

adapt to change quizYour happiness may be at stake.

Life constantly changes and evolves. Some people don’t like change or it makes them feel uncomfortable, and they resist it. Other people tend to go with the flow, neither bothered nor unbothered by change, and adapting as needed. Still others embrace change and thrive in new environments.

Learning how to accept and adapt to the inevitable twists and turns of life can be key to our long-term happiness.

How do you stack up? Take our quiz below to find out how well you adapt to change.

You’ve accepted a new job. In the week before the first day, how do you feel?

You learn that a family member has received some bad news from the doctor. How do you react?

When contemplating a major life change, such as moving to another state or city, what tends to be the first thing that you do?

How might close family and friends describe your attitude toward new situations?

How do you feel when your routine is disrupted?

In what kinds of situations do you thrive?

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