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Apps to Help You ‘Go Green’

December 23, 2013

Mobile Apps to Go GreenOne of the easiest ways to ease into a greener lifestyle is by putting green apps to work. Whether you’re using an iPhone, iPad or Android, you can make every day Earth Day by using the best green-living apps available.

On the Road

Carma Carpooling and Carticipate, free apps for the iPhone and iPad, transform your pollution-producing morning commute into a cleaner, greener carpool. Both apps connect you to others who are headed the same way, so that you can coordinate pick-up times. As a bonus, you get to use the carpool lane!

In the Store

Ever consider buying a product and then put it back because you’re not sure it’s sustainably produced? GoodGuide, a free app for the iPad and Android, will scan products’ bar codes and display their environmental standards, making the selection of green products a whole lot easier. The GoodGuides database contains more than 70,000 items and also features uber-sustainable products.

The Dirty Dozen, an app for iOs and Android, takes the worry out of shopping for produce. This free app keeps track of which produce is laden with pesticides and should be purchased in organic form, and which fruits and veggies are OK to buy in non-organic form.

At Home

Green Outlet, available on iTunes, predicts your power consumption and your carbon footprint. Simply let the app know which kinds of appliances you use and for how long. It will then break down how much each appliance costs each month, allowing you to make changes to reduce consumption. If you’re about to go over recommended carbon limits, Green Outlet will warn you.

Get a lot of junk mail? Download MailStop Mobile onto your Apple device and take pictures of catalogs and flyers you don’t want to receive. The app lets the sender know that you want to opt out, then tracks their response through an online account.

With so many apps to choose from, the options can seem overwhelming. Fortunately, the Environmental Protection Agency has developed an easy to use, searchable database of more than 100 green apps, all designed to help you reduce your footprint. Going green is easier than ever with a little help from green-living apps.



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